REBOOT: the courage to reinvent better organisations

In 2009, the inaugural Women in Leadership Forum broke new ground in the Middle East with a platform for professional women to gather, build valuable connections and advance the gender parity discussion in their workplace.

Since then, the forum has traveled to Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia and India, and grown into a global economic forum, bringing together leaders across industries, to share a common vision of growing inclusive societies.

While staying committed to its initial community building focus, the (now) WIL Economic Forum has evolved into a platform championing gender parity through a range of business and societal imperatives such as the megatrends shaping our world, social impact, entrepreneurship, arts & culture, innovation & technology, education & philanthropy.

WIL Forum 2020 is designed in collaboration with IE Business School as an immersive digital learning and connecting experience, bringing together 5000+ like-minded individuals and organisations from around the world, to shape the economy of tomorrow.



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